Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday, October 16, 2008

You're Invited...Rally to Save Buddy!

You're invited...

A rally to help animals right in our backyard!

Saturday, October 25, 2008, 12pm-2pm (Rain or Shine!)
West Park Town Center, 52nd & Jefferson, West Philadelphia

Buddy (shown in the above) is just one of many animals waiting for a home in Philadelphia. Please join us at this peacefull rally to encourage people to save a life by adopting their next companion animals instead of buying. The rally is free & family friendly, "Roscoe the Rescue Dog" will even be there giving out goodies to the kids!


Other ways to help Buddy
and other animals like him

If you cannot attend the rally (and even if you can) please contact the owners and developers of Monster Pets, a new pet store in the area selling dogs from puppy mills along with other animals. Let them know you oppose selling animals when there are already so many waiting for homes in shelters and rescues.

Brian Fennell and James Zornes
Owners Monster Pets
1575 N. 52nd Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Phone: 215-473-9000
Fax: 215-336-9800

James R. Burnett
Executive Director
West Philadelphia Financial Services Institution
5200 Warren Street
Philadelphia PA 19131
Phone: 215.452.0100
Fax: 215.452.0101

The Goldenberg Group
350 Sentry Parkway
Building 630, Suite 300
Blue Bell, PA 19422Phone: 610.260.9600Fax: 610.260.0269,


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hartz Victims - Gauge Update!

We recieved an email from Gauge's parents thanking us for profiling Gauge on our blog and letting people know about how Hartz hurts. In June, it had been 11 months since Gauge was hurt by Hartz. Her parents report that while she is happy and has adjusted to her scars she still has some neurological effects.

Gauge's scars

Happy Gauge and Frosty Paws

and...the best for last...

Monday, September 8, 2008

In Case You Missed Sunday's Meeting

We were extremely happy to be a part of the public meeting on Sunday. A big thank you to our friend, Nicole, who made it all happen! The event was very well attended event and was eye-opening for the attendees. Many people visited our information table and we gave out a bunch of Boycott Monster Pets flyers and other information.
In case you weren't able to attend Sunday's meeting, here are some ways you can take action to help Pennsylvania's dogs from the PA Dog Law Action site:

  • What can you do to help? Contact your legislator by phone, letter, or email and let them know you support the overhaul of Pennsylvania's Dog Law!
  • Not sure who your legislator is? Visit their website: use the member search option in the top right corner to find your legislator or call us at: 717-772-2854 and we'll help you find out.
  • Write a letter to the editor. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper, telling them you support the overhaul of Pennsylvania's Dog Law. Find a local paper
  • Attend the rally
    Bring your dog on Tuesday, Sept. 16 in the Soldier's Grove outside the Capitol Complex in Harrisburg from Noon to 2 p.m. Show your support for legislation to overhaul Pennsylvania's Dog Law.

If you're interested in attending the rally, email us for more information and possible car pooling opportunities.

While our group supports any positive changes on behalf of dogs in puppy mills, we believe these changes are still not enough. Puppy mills should be shut down all together. Until that happens by law, consumers need to work towards it by boycotting stores and breeders that sell puppies.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Public Meeting on Preventing Cruelty to Dogs!

Meet us at this event!

Public Meeting on Preventing Cruelty to Dogs!

If you love dogs you need to be there - Join us September 7th from 1-3 for this special day in Ridley Park, PA at Borough Hall.

WHAT: Public Meeting on Preventing Cruelty to Dogs - FREE meeting for animal lovers
WHEN: Sunday, September 7th, 2008, 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
WHERE: Ridley Park Borough Hall - 105 East Ward St., Ridley Park, PA, 19078.

Join us RAIN OR SHINE for this free meeting!

If you could help prevent animals from being abused by making a few phone calls, would you do it? If so, this is the meeting for you! Join animal lovers from across Pennsylvania for this exciting meeting!

Currently, three bills are being considered in the state House that would strengthen dog and animal cruelty laws in Pennsylvania. House Bill 2525, H.B. 2532 and H.B. 499 are focused on ending puppy mill abuse in PA and increasing fines for animal cruelty. On September 15th, the House will reconvene and now it is more important then ever that PA animal lovers unite to speak on behalf of the dogs! Come to the public meeting and learn more about how YOU can help millions of Pennsylvania's dogs!

Representative Bryan Lentz
Tom Hickey, Sr., a member of the Pennsylvania Dog Law Advisory Board
Howard Nelson, Chief Executive Officer, PSPCA
Bill Smith, Founder of Main Line Animal Rescue and recently featured on Oprah!
Jessie Smith, Pennsylvania's special deputy secretary for Dog Law enforcement
Nicole Wilson, Executive Director, Delaware County SPCA

Meeting attendees will be able to participate in a question and answer session with the panel!

Cat Lovers - while this meeting is mainly dog oriented due to the House Bills, we would not dream of leaving the cats out! The Philadelphia Community Cats Council will have a table with information on adoptable cats as well as information on how you can help them with their spay/neuter efforts.

Animal Welfare Groups Participating:
- Reach Out for Animal Rights, an advocacy group working to educate the public on animal mills and spreading the word about the pet store-puppy mill connection.
- ZACHALERT, a PA organization assisting in the safe and timely reunification of lost pets and their families and educating the public on how to keep their animals safe and out of the hands of those who can harm them.

Daisy's Delights Barkery and Boutique will be on site selling their preservative free, great tasting and healthy treats, bones and cakes, for your furry companions. Daisy's Delights products are all natural, and made with human-grade ingredients.

Refreshments will be served!
If you are unable to attend the two-hour meeting but are interested in helping in the fight, please stop by Borough Hall between 1-3 to speak to the advocacy groups outside and pick-up a handbook that will provide details on what YOU can do!

This meeting is being sponsored by Peg and Kirk Adams, Langguth's Gift Shop, and is being organized by a small group of animal advocates. Members of the Pennsylvania Team of the Best Friends Network will be participating in this event.

RSVP is not required but is appreciated. Seating for the public meeting is limited.

For more information, contact

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Going Strong!

Our demo yesterday was extremely successful. At least 4 cars turned around and committed to shop at stores that don't sell animals! Woo hoo!

We did some work on and there will be more coming soon!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hey Monster Pets, Don't Mess With Him!

Check out this awesome shirt that a potential customer turned Monster Pets Boycotter was wearing!

Notice the Boycott Monster Pets flyer in his left hand!

This man loves his grandchild! He also loves other animals, that's why he's NOT shopping at Monster Pets anymore, until they stop selling animals!

Don't mess with him, Monster Pets!!!